Monday, September 22, 2008

Menu Madness at Rooster Hill

Because of Hurricane Ike some of the ingredients of my planned meals ended up eaten. We only lost power for about 36hours but all we could cook on was the stove so we had to make some adjustments. So there may be some repeated dishes on this menu also I am on the hunt for quality crock pot meals. We live a busy life (bi weekly co-op & handbells, field trips, Wednesday Church meetings, horseback riding, Church Sunday) and we need at least 2 crock pot meals a week to make my life easier! For some reason the great crock pot recipe writer in the U.S. thinks that crock pot food should equal bland! So there will be lots of experimental meals and I'll try to post some reviews. Now any meal that is just a whiz bang wonder (aka really tasty) I will list for the world. So far I've found a woman who has "crockpot Thursdays" & another with several a-typical crock recipes. So I will be stalking their sites to see what kind of tasty cuisine I can find!

20th Saturday - Calzones with Sam' s Club Organic Baby greens,pine nuts, raisins, radish, carrot salad
21 Sunday - Carmen Hermann's Tomato Basil Soup (tastes like Le Madeline...yummy!), Homemade bread (machine because it's Sunday!)
22 Monday - Paula Deens Cheeseburger Meatloaf, rice, peas, cheese biscuits & key lime meringue
23 Tuesday - HOPE Group (Church fellowship) Spaghetti with sauce from Tightwad Gazette
24 Wednesday - Church Fellowship Meal
25 Thursday Country style BBQ Ribs, (Sue Gregg's) French Fries & peas
26 Friday Fussy Day Chicken, buttered pasta & peas
27 Saturday - Chicken Chili with cornbread
28 Sunday - Pepper Jack Chicken (crockpot), hot rice & corn
29 Monday - Pizza Swiss Steak. peas, butter pasta
30 Tuesday - HOPE Group (Church fellowship) Spaghetti with sauce from Tightwad Gazette
1 Wednesday- Church Fellowship Meal
2 Thursday - Split Pea Soup
3 Friday- Bean's Rice & Cornbread

Emergency Meal in case a fellowship meal is cancelled for instance a hurricane sweeps through the county! Chicken Parmesan

My coupon deal of the week is Suave: It is on sale for .88 each and I have coupons that discount my average price down to .29 each! I will be able to buy 12 bottles with my coupons for 3.56

Rooster Hill


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH! You got suave shampoo for .88 each!!!! You are such a Lucky Ducky, Where did you get it?

Carpio Family said...

ok i am emailing you a delish recipe for Cashew chicken. Ok whatever i can't wait.

You need :
1 c. diced cooked chicken
1 c. finely diced celery
1/2 c. finely diced onion
1 can cream of mushroom
1 can bean sprouts (opt.)**
1 tsp. soy sauce
1 cup cashews Coarsely chopped
1 can Chow mein noodles.

Place all ingredients except chow mein in 3 1/2 qt slow cooker

Cover and cook on low 5-6 hours, high 2-3 hrs.

Serve over chow mein**

*= i never have put bean sprouts in mine, i always forget them.

**= the Chow mein is about $1.34 for a carton, just drop in water for 3 min, just like ramen (you may be able to even substitute)

I make this dish for hope group all the time. This will make about 4 serving, i just double it.

oh and instead of soy sauce i use Braggs aminos, it has literally about 1000 mg's less sodium.

I really hope you like this.

Mrs. H. said...

Hi Kyle!
Great menus - I am in search of crock pot meals, too! We've never had a busier home school year and I need to use my crock pot. Have you heard of crockpot365.blogspot? I haven't explored her past posts yet - I've just been checking it daily right now. Don't you love Kelli's recipes at "No Place Like Home"? :-) See you Friday! :-)

Mrs. K's Lemonade Stand said...

Crock pots are wonderful! I have two that are in different sizes and if I were smart, I would use one every day!
Oh, and I am so taking that cashew chicken recipe carpiofamily!

Mandy said...

Your menu plan looks delishious! Thanks for the links to the crockpot recipes, I love to use the crockpot when I'm working.

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