Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Pearson!

For some reason this did not post on the 18th like it was suppose to!!

Miss Pearson Kimberly Hope McVay

Ode to a Naughty Premie!

Pearson is 3, Pearson is 3
I cannot beleive that Pearson is 3
It just seems moments ago she was trying to kill me

Coming to early making mom bleed,
The words from the doctor I must heed
The Doctor said Full previa, I said me?
Does this mean no Wal-MArt? Oh no that's the end of me!!

Off to the hospital for weeks at a time
Hospital Bed rest there went out last dime

And now everyones cooking for my family, but I
We can never thank you enough, my family and I
Finally she comes
8 weeks early, Over 5# but where are her curlies?

What she's not breathing well,
Disobedience so early?

By Chopper she goes to her Texas Children's bed
Mom cannot go anemic in bed

But there will be no transfussion today
The people of Living Hope will pray & pray!

The Maass' move in our house
McVay Ma&Pa are weeks at the Ronnies House(Ronald McDonald House)

Finally we come home, with our quiet little mouse

Now Pearsy is 3 oh how time is so funny
Seems so far away that she was less sunny

Far from yesterday she was choppered to Houston
She was all tubes and one of the smallest of humans

But now she tops the 90th percentile!

A little asthma here and there
but no worse for the wear.

Oh, this little Pearsy so sweet , what flair, a quiet comedian she brightens the air!

So worth... the time, the trouble, the pain, the dollars, the hours, Oh what gain...

For the Lord has returned the time the Locust had stolen
The Lord gave us Hope we have not fallen

We are so thankful for thee
So thankful for thee, especially for thee
Sweet Pearsy made 3!


Pearson is sensitive about her size so if you could refrain from saying "She's enormous!" that would be great!...We much prefer 'gigantanormous' created by her sister Parker.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Kyle!
Ah, watching the girls grow up on the web just isn't the same as sharing life with you. They probably wouldn't even recognize me now!

The Lord has restored what the locust had eaten, but I believe He is restoring still. There is more to come!

Lisa Smith said...

Seems like just yesterday! What a sweet girl!

Kathryn, Michael and Alex said...

Happy Birthday Pearsy

I can't wait to have you in Cubbies!!!

Ms. Kathryn

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