Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mustang Grapes or Muscadine Grapes

I am an undercover canner! Earlier this year we canned black berries and today I want to can some Mustang Grapes. Every year we go and pick grapes off of our friend Oudia's Crepe Myrtle affectionately called a "Grape Myrtle". This year we got to pick grapes with Ms. Rachel Altman who also gave us some of her Mother's canning supplies!
Now, I have canned Mustang grapes before but this time I also want to make fruit leather for the kids. The problem is that mustang grapes burn your hands and I am sure your mouth. Additionally, they are not sweet. So as I am researching this the first thing I have found is that Mustang & Muscadine are not the same type of grape. They are a Native American grape found in Kansas, most of eastern Oklahoma and Texas, through to western Arkansas and Louisiana. They are acrid..though I do not know what that means so I'll translate it as it will burn your mouth and taste nasty!

After some research I think I am going to Simply Recipes, I've had good result with her recipes before. Fruit leather is just processed fruit with or without a sweetener added. Clearly for these grapes we will be adding a sweetener and I think I am going to use honey. Then left in a warm oven for at least 8 hours.

I hope this works well because in a few weeks we will be picking some free pears! It would be fabulous to have enough homemade blackberry, grape & pear fruit roll ups for the kids for the next year or so.

I can't wait for my fruit trees to really start bearing and don't worry I'll be sharing just like God taught me through Barney!!


Unknown said...

I'm gonna try fruit leather too!! I just put up a new post today and linked it to you. I mentioned how I swiped this idea from you. It sounds so yummy!!!

Oh - and I have to say, I just noticed your "Popular Authors I Do Not Read" section. Love it. I have the exact same 2 on my list (plus Oprah and Stephen King, among others). Glad to know I'm not the only one out there who refuses to read them!

Jennifer Bacak said...

Just as God taught you through Barney! That was hilarious!
So, Kyle, what domestic thing don't you do?
And do you ever sleep? (Or are you up price matching at Wal-Mart, canning, and baking bread at 3 am?)

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