Monday, July 21, 2008

Menu Madness at Rooster Hill

Sunday- Split Pea Soup
Monday - Paula Deen's Chicken Georgia, mashed potatoes, veggie & homemade bread
Tuesday - Spaghetti & Amy Landry's Meatballs (From LHBC Cookbook the best meatballs ever!)
Wednesday -Beans Rice & Cornbread
Thursday - Curry Chicken with brown rice & veggie
Friday- Hoagie sandwich (on homemade sour dough bread) , chips, fruit
Saturday- Kieth's Favorite Casserole with peas
A lot of times I just say "veggie" because I buy a bunch of veggies and let the kids pick as much as possible. I have to cook a lot of food because my girls especially itty bitty Peyton eat like little Clydesdale's so we cover as many food groups as possible. Also we have desserts at least 2-3 per week just to keep them guessing.

If you are coming for dinner the meal may change to the meal that I have that provides the most vitals! The picture is of Parker age 3 when we lived in the suburbs!

Happy Eating!



Kathryn, Michael and Alex said...

I saw your girls eat like clydesdales on Saturday!!

So fun.

Thank you for sharing. I made your chicken soup and it was so good.

Lisa Smith said...

Hey, will you post the Paula Dean Georgia chicken recipe? Or is it somewhere else that I have missed?

miss you! I read about duck eggs and economical Swiffers and for just a second I wanted to live on a farm. Glad you guys are loving the life!

miss you. Did I say that already?

Oh and tell a city girl how to roast a brisket. I did it once and it wasn't very good. Grill? Oven? Seriouly, I need your tutoring!

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