Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Frugal Eating #4: Thinking Long Term

Plant some fruit trees. If you live in a house you own plant some fruit trees now! It will take up to 3 years for your tree to bear fruit. But once it does your family will be able to eat in abundance. We have a peach, apple, plum & fig. ?You don't have to be a homesteader to have fruit trees. If you live in the suburbs plant a beautiful fruit tree or two in the front and back yards. If you live in an apartment get a big pot and buy a miniature tree! Just make sure they are not too big for the space you can provide.We buy our trees from Producers co-op (the local farm supply store) for about $20 per tree. We hope to get 4-5 more this year!

How much do you spend on fruit each time you go to the grocery store? I know I tend to spend at least $10-20 on fruit. That's $260-$520 per year on fruit!!! In about two years I should have enough fruit for my family and some to sell (She sees that her trading is profitable, Proverbs 31:18) & give (extends her hands to the needy.Proverbs 31:20).

She is like the merchant ships, bringing her food from afar. Proverbs 31:14
Proverbs 31ing it,
on Rooster Hill


Anonymous said...

we have 4 fig trees...stop by and pick some.

Unknown said...

Can I share something completely random here? You wrote that one should plant some trees and it will take about 3 years for them to start bearing fruit. How applicable this is to the believer's life as well. God made trees. He made them to grow slowly, steadily, anchoring their roots deeply in the soil BEFORE they begin towering tall and high, bearing fruit for all to enjoy. God also made us. The same way. I cannot imagine that we were intended to immediately begin "bearing much fruit" as new believers. I think has to be one of the biggest frustrations in the Christian life. We all want to bear fruit and see the evidence of our growth - to be both rooted and growing strong and tall all at once. But the Christian life, same as fruit trees, is a process. It takes time, nurturing, and committed daily process to get to bear fruit. Ever eaten fruit that grew too soon - before the tree was really ready to produce it well? It's kind of bitter b/c the tree isn't fully mature. There is a time for everything. Don't rush God to make you into the perfect Christian tomorrow. You'll miss the process of growing, rooting yourself, and your fruit will be very short lived. Anchor deep, plan long term, and you will not only have fruit enough for you and your household, but many others as well.

And now that I'm done with that sermon. ;) .... I love this farm y'all are making out there in the country!! Thanks for sharing it (and your wonderful tips) with us all!!!

Unknown said...

I found your blog this week by happy accident, I've been enjoying my reading!

Our family is hoping to put in a mini orchard this fall. We eat so much fruit, it would be nice to have it homegrown.

Unknown said...

I found the texifornian graphics at

I'm a Northern CA girl, born and raised near Sacramento.

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