Thursday, May 22, 2008

Join the Living Hope Coupon Train

Ladies it's time to be 'like the merchant ships and bring some viddals from a wal-mart' Proverbs 31:14 the K.M. Translation (which by the way is not officially recognized even by me!)

Kelly Heslip and I are discussing forming a coupon exchange group at church.
If you are interested please post your e-mail address on this blog post!
*We do not know how it will work yet. Most likely we will pass the envelope around on Sundays & throughout the week as we see or schedule to meet with the members of the train. You are responsible for adding coupons and taking out expireds.
This has been a broadcast of the Proverbs 31 system........


The Houstons said...

couldn't help but comment here...If you remember...our lil family has moved to Germany...and one of the coolest things I love so far, after being here only 3 weeks, is that there is a place I can go and sift through zillions of pre-cut coupons!!! Apparently a lot of churches and groups across the US send them to us here in Germany and we can go and take as many as we want. I have been able to find really great ones that would normally take me months to find in the states for things I will need once we move into our apartment in about a week. We can use coupons that are 6 months past the expiration dates!! So, if you happen to have expired coupons...see if anyone would be willing to send them to me:)Just leave me a note on our blog:)
I sure love reading about all the Living Hope peeps I miss so much and we you guys are up to! It helps me not feel so homesick!

Anonymous said...

I dont know a thing about blogging....BUT I love coupons! Count me in and tell me what to do. Melissa Spiller--AKA Claire's mom

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