Monday, May 19, 2008

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In April we went to Waco after picking Wayne up at the Austin Airport (makes complete sense right? lols). We stopped and ate at Kitoks a local burger dive recommended by the The Texas Burger Guy. We are a hamburger loving family and I thought what a great chance to try a new burger. It was very good and we loved the oriental fries. Kitok's is a combination Burger Joint Asian Restaurant you could not do a skit of the joint without being labeled a too far fetched or a racist but the place exists and they make a good burger!

Then we went to our destination which was Homestead Heritage and it was wonderful. Of course we are all about homesteading so this place was right up our alley.

What is Homestead Heritage: Our Visitors Center stands just inside the front gate at Brazos de Dios, our 510-acre homesteading community. At the log cabin Visitors Center you’ll find information about our seasonal activities and special events as well as the various craft courses and teaching seminars we offer throughout the year.
We saw:

  • The Potter
  • Blacksmith
  • Herb gardener
  • Windmill (which transports water through out the farm)
  • Garden
  • Animal enclosures
  • Gristmill (where you grind flour, corn meal etc...)

My favorite part was the herb garden. Where we were able to talk to one of the gardeners. She even gave me some yarrow to take home and plant in my herb garden. I was so excited I took it home and planted it immediately by the next morning some critter ate my yarrow and I cannot find it anywhere locally.

Parker loved the potter shed. In fact, I've already purchased an appropriate Christmas Gift for her to practice her new found love of pottery. Plus what mom could pass up teaching their child how God is the potter and we are the clay while they are elbow deep in the stuff.

Peyton liked the stairs. She is fascinated with stairs and they had some long beautiful paths of steps.

Pearson just loves anything where she can get some food!

Wayne was fascinated by how they use the windmill, cistern and water tower to catch and move rain water around the facility. liked the

It was a very fun and educational family field trip! They even offer classes and Wayne and I are considering going there this year for our Anniversary to take classes in Bee Keeping (Wayne) & Gardening (Kyle).


Rachel said...

We really love visiting Homestead Heritage! You guys should go to their Thanksgiving celebration, open to the community, this year. We've been to their Easter concert, too, and it is seriously amazing.

Also, there is a place on Old College, near the Farm Patch, called "The Burger House" or something like that. It's run by an Asian family, it might be something you are interested in trying, if you haven't already.

Three Little Monkeys said...

Cool! I did not know about this place.

By the way, I posted on my blog about the coupon exchange. Tag, you're it! (I can create a new blog for this if we get it up and running).


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