Friday, May 16, 2008

Fun & Frugal decorating....

This is my attempt to incorporate some of the ideas I got from the blog Like the Merchant Ships. On her blog she talks about making th ordinary beautiful and rearrange (or repurposing) what you already have. So here we go....

This was my coffee station. It was nice and neat but didn't say ROOSTER HILL! But a few months back I purchased some rooster place mats (4) clearly not enough for a family of 5 but ultra cute. A week or two ago I purchased that cannister from Twin City Missions 2nd chance shop for about $1. The baskets I had and I'm sure at some point I bought it at a garage sale for .10! But by making these simple changes the hot drinks area went from hum drum to yum yum! Hey does anyone have any ideas how to hide those pesky cords?
Then there was the bathroom. I had all of my things on Grandma's mirrored pedastal but it tended to get crowded and look messy. Plus, I really wanted the pedastal on my dresser with perfumes only! So I tried to make it look neater and 'Country Shabby Chic'. The metal was too harsh next to the antique brass faucets. I just didn't like the white basket, even though I was sure it was going to be shabby fabulous!
This is what we went with now all of my lotions and sprays and misc items are neatly tucked away in this very country looking basket. The basket was free it was given to me full of goodies as part of a baby shower gift!

Now on to gussy up the pass through in the diningroom/homeschool room. We have a potted plant. I love ivy and we have 4 in the house so I'm gonna have to get another crocus and try not to kill it this time. Anyway, we got 3 of these free at the end of a banquet and they all came in these standard plastic wicker baskets.
But since I am trying to creat that shabby chic enviornment I looked around and found this pot on my front steps, empty! I may come back and stencil on it or paint the "braided" portion that runs along the top of the pot. Since this picture was taken I've pushed it to the side to hide the financial paperwork poping up over the edge! I think the garden gate feel of the pot fits our home nicely.

These are just a few simple things anyone can do with the things around your house, things picked up at garage sales & goodwill.


Kari said...

Hey Kyle!

The only thing I can think of is to push the coffee pot in front of the plugs and put your basket on the other side, BUT I'm not shabby chic at all so wouldn't suggest taking my opinion at all!!! :)

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...
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Shannon said...

Kyle - fold the cords up, then get a little bitty rubber band and secure them so they are shorter. Then they will hide behind the appliance. Also... just saw this in a magazine today... make a label or tag for the canister with scrapbook stuff - put a Bible verse on it! The article I saw just used double sided tape to attach the paper to the glass.

Anonymous said...

Take a paper towel roll, let your girls paint, color, etc it. And put the cords through it. We have done it, and it worked really nicely.

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