Friday, January 18, 2008

Grocery, Shopping & More VI: The Clearance Rack

Okay, I went to Kroger today after some sale items. I remembered something I do not think I covered in my previous posts. The grocery store clearance racks. You have to search these out and they are in different spots in each grocery store. In the Kroger's on Rock Prairie it is between the frozen food on the back wall and the health food section, they also have a discount meat section right by the butcher shop. Anyways, in these areas they keep items they have significantly marked down. For instance today I purchased 6 graham cracker pie crusts for .30 each and I have purchased a 3#8oz can of brand name Nesquick for $2.99 because it was dented! You can get great deals in the meat section also, however, you either have to immediately cook or freeze the meat. Since it is close to its expiration date. The key to shopping in this area is to know what your family uses/eats and stock up if you see it but avoid buying "deals" that will go unused!
Yesterday, I realized I am restocking my home with common products that I usually try to keep in bulk. So as I restock I'll keep you guys abreast of what I'm doing and why. Hopefully, it will help someone to save a little money and some time.
By the way you should have your February meal plan posted by now. Go through it and mark the days that you know you will need a crock pot meal, dinner plans out, folks for dinner & H.O.P.E. Group nights! Hey you can even ask your dear husband if there is there a meal he'd love to see on the meal plan and add it....
Rejoice at Home!

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Lisa Smith said...

Hey Kyle,
Thanks for your comment...I miss you tons too. I was thinking about it the other day how I needed my practical friend.
I need a good grocery list. I used up the ones Heather Gernenz gave me without making new copies! It was divided by aisle and worked really well at Super Walmart. Do you have one you can email me? or tell me where to go online. I've tried several but don't really like them as much.
Also, do you have a good white chile recipe?

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