Thursday, February 01, 2007

No meals for the McVays......

We do not have a meals planned for the next week. Some of you are saying what is a meal plan others that know me well are truly shocked, I am revolted. I try to plan everything...(God has a plan for us to prosper us not harm us...) I didn't realize we would need and want to eat from January 31st to until Wayne's next paycheck!
Yes, it is true I miscalculated the days and the food and we have $3 available for groceries until his next paycheck! Don't worry the McVays will not go hungry: Proverbs 30:25Ants are creatures of little strength, yet they store up their food in the summer..or winter in this case! Let me tell you there is plenty of food in my pantry and my freezer. If an item does not get placed on a meal plan or if a meal does not get made (because we went out to dinner at someone’s home) it will languish in my pantry. So now I need to go in there and figure out what I have and what I can make from those items. I'm not sure what God telling me...stop planning so much perhaps, eat your saved food your house is about to sell , woman your freezer is ridiculuous could be anything.
Yes, that is my freezer. No I do not know what is in there since we had a frost over a couple of months ago! I can no longer read my labels. So if I need to get something out of there I run hot water and get a hammer. Peyton runs back and forth getting me hot water and I pour the hot water on 'whatever' and try to beat it out of the freezer with my hammer. The whole time I am terrified the head of the hammer is going to come flying off and hit me in the head. This is by the way a great stress reliever! Today I was frazzled so I sent Wayne in with the hammer and he went and got an ice pick.....I didn’t even know we had an ice pick!
So now I've got some meat out what shall I make...I am lets say very frugal so I freeze the remaining ingredients from recipes we make and put them in labeled 6oz yogurt cups! I also freeze left over cooked meat and label it, but you cannot read the labels in the middle of the freezer. Also, I really need to start putting the full date on said 9/24 but it could be 9/24/03 -06...opps! I've got all of the basics like milk, eggs and bread (thanks LH for the free bread on Sunday!)Now I have to go through my left over ingredients! So far I've got three days solved we are having left overs today and chili tomorrow. I can make chili and homemade corn muffins. I can make oven fried chicken mashed potatoes (maybe gravy) and corn on the cob on Saturday. On Sunday it's Kim's turn to cook.

We have four big obstacles to overcome:
  1. The laundry I'm getting to the bottom of the Sam's Club laundry detergent container
  2. Creamer. Yes, I said creamer. My dear hubby is going out of town and I need my coffee in the morning sweet and light brown like my kids!
  3. Hot Chocolate, I have a cup every night. I'm gonna search this house for hidden stashes and see what I can find!
  4. Halei is coming for dinner on Friday.

It's really bad if you don't feed hungry College students! I'll keep you posted on how I am doing and if the kids are dirty or hungry!... As God shows me more stuff to make with what's in my freezer pantry and $3. As Peyton would say very slowly... This is going to be great fun! I think... maybe well do this all month and see what else God has in store for us!


sdfs said...

I had a long post typed up and lost it...but the main points of it were:
1 - I made your famous salad the other night, it was yummy!
2 - I was scared for a second when I read your intro, but I had forgotten about your 3 freezers!
3 - LOVED the pictures!
4 - Is Peyton free Saturday afternoon, to hang around the town with me?! maybe an age appropiate movie if there is one?! (and i only have one seatbelt in my back seat, so i can only take one, otherwise I would ask about Parker too!)
OK...lets see if this makes it through!

Kathryn, Michael and Alex said...

God is very good at providing.

I love that He teaches us while He is doing it AND that we can see God in everything we do.

Lisa Smith said...

Never a dull moment...when I read that there was no meal heart sped up for you! God's plan is always better'll probably be feasting!

Lisa Smith said...

OH! Do I have the recipe for the famous salad?

texasmcvays said...

Bag of baby greens
1 small can mandarin oranges
1/2 cup nuts
1/4-1/2 cup Brianna's Strawberry Blush wine vinaigrette
toss and eat its yummy...its a recipe I got from a Grace homemaking event!

Hendrick Family said...

First of all, I have 950 things of hot chocolate I never drink. You can have it all.

Second, how about I buy the food and you cook it for a week? Anson has the flu and I'm so tired I won't even remember typing this.

Money and food I have...time or desire to cook it...I don't.

Let me know!

Unknown said...

I'm still sad that I didnt get to hang out with Peyton and that I didnt get any fried chicken :o) ok...just kidding about the last part!!

But after tonights sermon I have faith that God can take care of something as small as a messed up car! So pretty soon I'll be burning up the concrete to your house again and I can't wait :)
See you tomorrow night!!

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