Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Lord teach us to pray (Luke 11:1) by Parker

God is with me and God saves our family. God please heal Miss Kim. Help Miss Kim not top throw up and be better.

I like to do praying, sit on the counter and watch mama cook, play with my sister, play with Big Baby's toys, help Miss Kim to be a teacher, and help my mom to be a teacher too and help me to save our hearts.

Have a nice day...then that's it okay?


Anonymous said...

Parker is so cute. It warms my heart to see you praying and helping.

I love you and miss you so much.

Kathryn, Michael and Alex said...

My favorite thing to do is pray and you pray really nice.
I can not wait until Sunday when I get to hear you say your verse.
Keep praying for Miss Kim and keep helping your mama.
I love you sweet girl!!
Miss Kathryn

Maass Family said...


Thank you for praying for me to feel better and "not to throw up":) I do feel a little better today because you prayed for me. I love you Parkey-pooh.

Mrs. Kim

sdfs said...

Parker! That is one amazing prayer :o) You're so smart to remember God is with you, sometimes I even forget that one! But thank you for reminding me!
I miss you, but I do get to see you tomorrow for sure!! I'm so excited about that, we can both watch your mommy cook her yummy food! And please pray for me and my poor little car! Bella(my car's name) needs help too, so that I will be able to come and spend more time with you and your family!
I'll see you tomorrow Parkie!

Jennifer Bacak said...

Oh, I love their prayers!!! I wish I had every one recorded to play over and over. The kids and I have our Bible Story and prayer time in the morning. Sometimes we get on the floor. Sometimes we get on our faces. I will treasure this time with them forever!!! I wouldn't miss it for anything. I hate that Rusty misses out on this while he's at work.
It's the best. Thanks for sharing your prayers.

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