Thursday, July 19, 2012


My Sweetie and her good friend Lena and Bullet, who is from Florida, were reunited at Bingo (we play Bingo at a local Nursing Home). They became friends last  year when Lena came to hang out with her sister, our friend Beth. Just a couple of teenagers hanging out!

McDaddy took Sugar Pie and Bullet to a baseball game. They are holding the precious foul balls they got during the game!

Our small church Group at Chik-Fil-A's Cow Appreciation Day! Dress like a cow and get free food, we can't miss out on free food!


 This is Sugarpie asleep in a chair during a thunderstorm with her fingers in her ears! This was hilarious!

Here we have Bubba attempting to change Shoo-shoo's diaper. Apparently service around this joint is so bad the babies have decided to take care of diapers themselves. This was so funny I almost forgot to take the picture.

So one of the children broke the handle off the faucet! This by the way causes water to shoot straight up into the air and hit the ceiling! My brave an daring husband was soaking wet, it was so funny! So we had the joy of cleaning the entire bathroom, turning off the water and leaving a fan in the room all night to dry it!

For more people finding contentment in the stuff their kids have broken visit here.

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Hope said...

Gosh, the bathroom sink thing makes me think of our downstairs bath a year ago...literally, I called it the "war zone" because someone kept breaking something in it (and um, it only was covered in 3 different colors of paint because I couldn't decide)! Very real in a large family! Your kids are beautiful!

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