Tuesday, August 02, 2011

A Mad Science Birthday Party

Mad Scientist scares small children :)
 It's truly amazing how quickly children grow up. It seems like just yesterday she was trying to take her first steps and now our sweet girl is 8. How have you gotten so big? Each year is a little bit different for us as far as birthday parties we have traditionally had parties for Bullet & Sugar Pie together since they are less they are less then a month apart. However, this year they are having individual birthday parties. Parker loves sciece and has an english major Mom who could not get her volcano  to erupt. We decided to get Dad, Ms. Sarah & Ms. Jessica involved so we could have a Mad Science Party.

We set  the party up into three distinct scientific discovery areas: animal identification, archeology & chemistry.

At the animal identification  (aka what have the McVays found or shot in our yard!) the kids were full of creative & wonderful guesses as far as what the critters were: hawks(for the pig jaw bone) & baby tigers (racoon heads) were two of my favorites. The skeletons we had were aturtle shells, Opossum, Racoon, Hog & Cow.  We grouped the bones of each animal together and put numbers by them. Then the kids guessed what animal they thought it was and they were very serious about their guesses. This was fun but Jess had a good suggestion which was to make a multiple choice card for the kiddos to simplify the guessing. Another thing I'll do next time is have little prizes at the table for the "Mad Scientist" to hand out to the children as they complete their Identification Cards.


Mentos & Diet Coke
 We also set up an archeological dig in which the kids dug up bones and then put the skeleton together. This was a kit I found on super clearance at target for something like $1.32 several years ago. You know one of those things you buy because it goes with your curriculum and never use. Well, I finally used one!

In the end we had the chemistry lab manned by a very handsome mad scientist. They all performed chemistry experiments and  from the Mindblowing Science Kit. And finally we went out side for the  last harah where DH dropped mentos into Diet Coke through PVC pipe to create quite an explosion!

Happy Birthday Bullet
Then we ate taco's from the taco bar. While we sang Happy Birthday to Bullet, Sweety played Happy Birthday on the piano as an accompanyment! Bullet then opend presents in record time and we visited and folks slowly and sweetly departed as I savored the last minutes of Parker's 8th birthday!

I wanted to make a vocano cake but I runined 4 boxes of cake mix during this birthday. The first cake was fine but then I decided I wanted to make a volcano cake. The second cake didn't cook through because I both failed to check the cooking difference between a bundt and a 2L bowl and I didn't check the cake with my baking broom. The third cake I simply cut it wrong then I thought it was still salvagable with a little frosting. However, I managed to turn all my frosting gray with out of date brown frosting. Then I called Ms. Sara on the phone nearly crying to ask if she could possibly make me a cake. We currently have one car and that car was taking kids to Charlottes Web (the play) and wouldnt be home until after 10 pm. Sarah graciously said yes and she made this FABULOUS magnifying glass cake looking at worms in dirt! Perfect for an Elementary science party!

So if you are interested in having a science party here is the inside information that I pinned all this mess to pinterest so I could find it later:
  • Here is the link if you too have an uncontrollable urge to make a The Volcano Cake, I just hope you don't ruin a couple of cake mixes and then call your sweet friend Sarah nearly crying to see if she can throw a cake together for you. 
  • Here is a link to the ideas we pilfered from the creative people of the world: Family Fun Sciene Party & from the very creative Mama in Dallas at Living Locurto
  • 50% off of the science kit at Micheals remember those 50% off coupons bring a science kit down to $10!

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