Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up - homeschool went swimmingly?

We've been really busy the past two weeks with swim lessons. So that is the focus for our week in review with a lot of pictures....

Sugar pie had a great week at swim lessons. She was promoted to the class above hers on the second day. This is a miracle we never do well in swim lessons and here we have our first promotion. Additionally, after swim lessons she is now able to swim, float dog paddle to the side of the pool from the diving board unassisted! She also lost her first tooth this week,.Its been a very eventful week for Sugar.

A Superstar showed up at swim lessons on Thursday...The Daddy! As you know we only have one car right now so as Daddy was riding with us to Swim lessons the girls are peppering him with questions. Since we thought it we thought it would be great to surprise them he's trying to think of honest answers. So he answers he is going to a very important place this morning. Finally, they figure it out when Mama spills the beans by saying she is going to drink some of Daddy's drink at swim lessons.

Now this is truly amazing, what you are looking at is a swimmer. A little 7 year old swimmer. Why is it amazing ? Because in the 4 years that we have been taking swim lessons, at the end of the swim lessons the instructors come up to me and say something like....'if you enroll your children in swim lessons again this summer...MAKE SURE THEY ARE IN THIS SAME LEVEL, THEY DID NOT PASS ,  and may be in danger if they walk to close to a puddle kinda thing. Seriously, we've never done well and say we've done poorly would be an overstatement. But this year she is not only swimming across 12 feet deep water she is winning a race against her peers. I'm currently doing the Mama dance! Not because she is winning a race but because we can now safely walk past puddles! 

Sweet Peyton started her week terrified of the 12 feet deep water at the beginning of the week and the teacher finally had to inform her of the consequences if she did not swim. Because she would not even try to swim once they got to the deep end. We spent several very timid days where she in true McVay swimming glory nearly drown her teacher. Then she dragged her teacher 1/3  of the length of the pool while stating she was too scared to swim.We even discussed dear Sugars favorite verse: God did not give us a spirit of fear but of power and love! On Thursday Daddy came to swim lessons and of course she wanted to show him all the stuff she was learning! But let me tell you on Thursday & Friday my timid big girl was swimming with the rest of them. She even dove off the diving board several times. What a blessing to behold. She did a great job conquering her fear and diligently completing her class.

So these last two weeks of Homeschool PE are being considered a success. We now have 2 McVay swimmers and 1 half a swimmer!

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