Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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My thoughts on Duggar kids free indeed 

Sometimes parenting is just REFUSING to follow the trends of this world and persevering forward against a demanding wave of conformity. "Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him. " James 1:12
Stand your ground! K

Duggar kids free indeed
by Jill Stanek at her blog by the same name

.....As we spoke to the 3 of them, one word kept jumping out at me: Freedom. These girls were experiencing freedom teenagers rarely taste. Completely free to be themselves. The exact opposite of the words so often used by media folk to describe the 19 kids. .... read more

Visionary Daughters discuss singleness
Why am I not married
We were recently sent the link to a very humorous satirical website: No Girl Left Behind (The Solution to the Marriage Crisis). Though the website is a farce, it plays on a very real panic we have encountered: an anxiety that not enough homeschooled young people are getting married these days.

The panic is summed up in the words of the site, “There are young people of both genders who wish to be married and are not.”

This is a True Statement. However, true observations can get blown out of proportion and trigger false alarm; fed with fear, emotionalism, bitterness, gossip and rumors, they can easily become a monster. Perspective is lost, objectivity destroyed, and it becomes hard for us to detach ourselves from our own personal concerns. more

Generation Cedar
Exposing them to the “Real World” or Creating a New One?
“My mom gave me $40 on my new pair of jeans, but she still thinks they’re too expensive.”

Fourteen-year-old “Amy” told my daughter.

“They cost $150 but everybody has a pair and I’ve been wanting some for so long. I (interject squeal) loooooove them!”

My bugged eyes matched my open mouth as I listened to the conversation.

This is what we call “the real world”? This is *not* “the real world”. This is one we are fabricating. A world that is being perpetuated through childhood and on into adulthood. A world where adults are slaves to debt because they *must* have what everyone else has, no matter the cost. A world where one’s identity is wrapped up in the name on his label. more

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