Sunday, May 23, 2010

Homeschool Planning II: Saving Money Buying Curriculum

I have to admit I am already tired of looking for a deal. Part of the problem is that we do a Unit Study and just have a few items to purchase outside of the unit study. Well the items that are outside of the unit study are mostly  consumable, thus very few are available for sale. However, for those of you who are bright eyed and busy tailed here are some places you can go to save money on your homeschool curriculum:
New: Rainbow resources the largest discount homeschool supplier I am aware of you can go to their site to order a 1,000 page catalog.
(Go get the list you made from Homeschool Planning I) Regular homeschoolers list their items for sale    veg. source which is huge buy sell list run by Vegetarians. Luckily you do not have to swear off of meat to use the service!
Roosterhill Homeschool Materials for sale...a list of items we are selling!

You can often save 50% on the purchase by buying it used. This does take some effort and you may run into some bad sellers' I have purchased many items on line and I have only had 2 bad experiences. Once I give up on the used curriculum sellers then I buy the rest from Rainbow Resource at a discount.

Step 2: Buying

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