Monday, May 17, 2010

Homeschool Planning I: Determining the curriculum to use

The first part of homeschool planning is determining which curriculum your family is going to use. We have spent years bouncing around the curriculum circuit and I have the boxes of curriculum for sale to prove it. This year I finally feel more settled into homeschooling and we are continuing on with curriculum's we have used this year. With the exception of reading which for Peyton is still unsettled (we may wait until we get the results of her standardized test before we decide what she will use next year).

No matter what you have decided whether you are moving onto new curriculum or you are settled into a groove. One thing I have found helpful is making an excel spreadsheet that has all of the upcoming homeschool purchases for the next year. I have a column with the name of the item, retail cost, cost paid. I have a running total of what my maximum cost could be as well as what I end up paying. Since I do it on the computer so I can always find it and can set an accurate budget for the following year. Additionally, I can review previous years budgets.

Once I have my spreadsheet I can go to book sales, used book stores and websites with confidence. Because I know exactly what I need and exactly how much it costs at Rainbow Resources (discount homeschool provider). You do not have to make an excel spreadsheet you can just use a piece of paper if you want to . The important part is that you have a plan so you know what you need for your next successful homeschool year! Remember our God is a God of order not of chaos so we must be a people of order and not of chaos. Trust me no one enjoys a chaotic year, as a survivor I can testify that my least structured years have been the least productive and most stressful.

I want to make sure to point out that as God has numbered the hair on our heads and he has a plan and a purpose for lives. Accordingly, be sure to pray through your curriculum choices. Search scripture for guidance as you chose what you will do in your homeschool as you wade through the myriad of curriculums available. You may want to consider your child's academic education to be an opportunity to disciple them toward the Lord. This guides our curriculum choices!

So step 1...pray
& step 2....make a list!

Next week...Homeschool Buying

I am wondering if anyone else makes a list and if you do do you stick to it?


Melissa said...

I am with you Kyle, I make a list every year and stick to it. Although, if we are working through something and we see that it isn't working for us, then we do make changes. It has taken many years to find the "right" fit for us in our curriculum choice. having two different learners and learning styles makes for interesting days!

texasmcvays said...

Hey girl!
It's like grocery shopping if you go to the store you come out with all kinds of things that just sit on your shelf for years! I bet they do have different learning styles let me guess a Wiggly willy and and a competent carl...listed youngest to oldest!

Brandi Tejeda said...

I have done this as well for this school year. I did not do this last year, but it was our first year and we kept it very simple. I am excited to see I am not the only one who does it this way. Bargain shopping is the way to go! Sure makes you feel good when you get that 49.95 book for 20.00 at 1/2 price books! :)

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