Sunday, February 21, 2010

We're Back, Piano & Christmas

Well after a forced hiatus, (October until now) due to the loss of our satellite in a storm. .... So I am just going to do a brief recap of our activities. This may reduce some of you to tears but I am only one Mom, and right now I am the Mom that wants to go to sleep.


Our Piano Teacher is the wonderful and talented Ms. Bethany. So far just Peyton and Parker take piano lessons from her and we have truly enjoyed our music lessons this year. We look forward to Pearson joining her two sisters at the piano next year. Peyton is working through the Pink Bastien Primer and Parker has completed Red Primer A (for younger players) and is now working on Primer B. She has also mastered a wonderful song named Indian Doll from an old Piano book that I found at half price books. Both girls really enjoy playing the piano. I do believe they will both be able to glorify God through music. We had two Piano Recitals, Piano Recital #1 was with Sarah Miller's Music school at the church LHBC Bryan uses.

Piano Recital #2 at the Bryan Library: Since we were taking from a student we did not think there would be a recital. But several of the teachers and student teachers got together and had a wonderful recital at the Bryan Library.
Now we are skipping forward to Christmas...

Each year on Christmas Eve we exchange PJ's, this is the second year that I made PJ's for the Girls and the first year I used a pattern to do so. The girls love to match! We really try to keep our Christmas simple & worshipful.
As you know I am a frugal woman but I guess I did not realize how it effected Wayne until he created our stocking hangers. WARNING: The following is what happens when the hillbilly husband realizes you do not have stocking hangers.

This was definitely more economical then buying hangers! Wayne's deer looks so regal!

Well now that we are back on line I will try to keep the blog updated but I am humbled that anyone stops by to read it at all! It must be the cute little girls that brings ya'll back!


not hallie said...

I want some of those adorable pajamas!! Glad to see you back, I was missing your updates.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back I was beginning to wonder....Debi Stoll

Kimberly said...


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