Friday, July 24, 2009

Our 4th of July in Dallas

We headed up to Dallas on the July 3rd for the wedding of our Brandi and a visit with our Kevin!

We were staying with our friend Kevin Renkes who attended our HOPE group and has graduated and moved back to Dallas. Peyton was so exicted to stay in a "stair house" (a 2-story). Of course would couldn't visit without some sort of drama. The girls discovered a laundry shoot up stairs in his brothers room. They dropped everything they could down the shoot including Parker (in the hat). Kevin then confessed to the many things he and his brothers did with the laundry shoot somewhat alievating my horror but I was still a little unnerved with attempted dumping of Parker. We had a great time at Kevin's (our first born son!!) plus it's pretty cool when a 22ish year old guy has a family of 5 up for a visit and cooks us 3 squares for 2 days in a row! Kevin we were very impressed, your Mama has raised you well!

The wedding was amazing and beautiful and Brandi was such a beautiful bride. Her wonderful groom Micheal is currently in seminary and looking for work as a youth pastor. Maybe they'll end up at Living Hope, God willing. We meet all of her sweet family and felt right at home with them. They all touched our hearts with their sweet words which I will never forget. I cried like one of my own kids was getting married. I just kept picturing her straigtening Peyton & Parkers hair while we went on a date and ruthless feeding Pearson whip cream until she was on a hillarious 2 hour sugar high and soooo much more! The kids danced late into the night desperately trying to figure out the chaha turn to the right dance thing.

On the 4th we watched the fireworks from a local golf course with Kevin and the kids sat in awe. When we got home we did some sparklers and off to bed. The next morning we went to church with Kevin to City Church. If you are in the Dallas area you have got to go to this church it is amazing. It's homey and comfortable you don't feel like you have to put on airs. The preaching is inspired and the people are authentic. I cannot praise this church enough. But the best thing I have to say is that after church we hooked up with a bunch of folks (Kirbe Wingate, Caleb Hobart, Kevin Renkes, Kyndall Rutherford all from LHBC and 4 or 5 others from City Church and one of the pastors) and we went to lunch at a hole in the wall. We engaged in 2+ hours of lively scriptural discussion about the sermon and a range of spiritual topics. It was amazing, it's my prayer that the conversations at and away from New Life turn back to the word just as this wonderful conversation at City Church did.

This was a great weekend with great friends

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