Monday, February 02, 2009

Homeschooling: Explorer's Unit

Unit Study "Explorers" by Christian Cottage
Christian Cottage is a K-12 Bible Based Unit Study. These unit studies can be supplemented with any text book or living books. But it is not necessary to add anything to the lower levels. Regardless, I will use Sonlinght & Ambleside history/literature lists and next year I will refer to Bob Jones University's History books History.

This is a 20 lesson or 4 week study We are however going to take 8 weeks to complete this unit. First, we do not have school every other Friday. I like to add lots of living books into our studies and I do not like to be rushed.

I plan to read the following books:
  • Explorer's Eye witness book

  • Gulliver's Travels (literature)

  • Magic School Bus inside the Earth (Science)

  • Pedro's Journal a Voyage with Christopher Columbus (History)

  • Good Queen Bess: The Story of Elizabeth the I of England (History)

  • Lief the Lucky (History)

  • Columbus (History)- Christian Cottage Recommends

  • Viking Tales (History)

  • weather book (to be determined maybe Gail Gibbons or Magic School Bus)

  • Rocks & minerals book (to be determined maybe Gail Gibbons or Magic School Bus)

Extra Resources:
My children love music and really learn well through it so I am going to make an effort to incorporate music into all of our studies. I have purchased a radio with headphones so I can avoid going crazy as my children like to listen to the same song 10-50 times in a row. So here is the music for this unit study.

DK Learning Fun Pack's "Stowaway" CD-Rom where the child can explore a Tall Ship as a stowaway and get to see the innards and talk to the crew members!

Now when you ask my kids what are they learning about they will say "Nothing."...some things never change.

Happy Schooling,


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