Monday, January 12, 2009

Why did we move to the country?

Country Peace
COUNTRY peace, the warbling birds,
Friendly faces and friendly words,

Grassy fields and tranquil streams,
Cloudlands beautiful as dreams,

Singing brooks that wander slow
Where buttercups and daisies grow,

Old barn-roofs where drowsy doves
Sit in the sun and tell their loves,

Robins whistling clear and sweet
Over the acres of swaying wheat,

Children playing among the flowers
And singing away the sunny hours,

Rosy country girls and boys
Filling the day with happy noise,

Old-time garden-walks that seem
Haunts of reverie and dream,

Poets' books to read at ease
Under the bowering apple-trees,

Memories that wistful go
Back to the golden Long Ago,

Faith that He who rules above
Encompasses this earth with love,

Faith that His mercies never cease :
These are the joys of country peace.



Anonymous said...

Aww, This is so cute and sweet. But I don't see much of you Kyle...


Mrs. H. said...

Love it! :-) That was just wonderful!

Unknown said...

Amen! I'm thankful the Lord provided us with an opportunity to move to Texas. The only thing I miss about the busy city life I left behind in CA is my dear friends.

Anonymous said...

That's Kyle
Guess who this is from.

Janelle said...

What pretty girls you have! I want to come hang out with yall sometime because it looks like you have so much fun. :)

Lisa Smith said...

The girls are absolutely beautiful!!! I agree, this is soooo Kyle!! It almost makes me love the country but I miss you too!! Your commentors have some good points!!

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