Friday, November 28, 2008

Homestead Heritage's 21st Annual Thanksgiving Craft & Children's Fair Weekend

November 28th - 30th

This is an intentional Christian Community aimed at self sufficiency. This Fair is about all things old timey. They are open all year long if you miss the 21st Annual Homestead Craft & Children's fair. If you long to be self sufficent, love history, you're green or just want to know more about gardening and pottery this is the place for you! You may see the McVay's, Supercinski's & Benavides wandering about.......

Here is the information from their site:

Join us for our 21st annual Homestead Craft & Children's Fair at Brazos de Dios. Bring the whole family and plan to spend the entire day-there's something for everyone to enjoy, from young to old. Be sure to dress warmly for those chilly, late fall evenings.
Craft Demonstrations
Agricultural Exhibits
Working Homestead
Outdoor Food
Activities for Children
Gift Shopping
Barn Raising
Annual Auction
And Much More!
Craft Demonstrations
Each day in the craft pavilion, you'll find a wide variety of ongoing homestead craft demonstrations - woodworking with hand tools, pottery, sewing, quilting, spinning, weaving, broom making, basket making, leather work and more.
While you're here, plan to do some Christmas shopping-we have hundreds of handcrafted gifts and specialty items from which to choose.
Agricultural Exhibits
At Heritage Farm, our working homestead, watch agricultural demonstrations including draft horse farming, sheep herding with a sheepdog, cow and goat milking, butter and cheese making, brick-oven bread baking and cider pressing, as well as exhibits on beekeeping, poultry raising, farm animals and more.
Gather under the music tent with us for gospel songs, bluegrass msic and more each afternoon of the Fair, as well as Friday and Saturday evenings.
Activities for Children
For your children, we offer hands-on activities, including beeswax candle dipping, felting, making soap balls, learning to cross-stitch, shaping a wooden spatula and more.
Outdoor Food
Throughout each day we offer tasty food at our outdoor concession booths and kiosks-try a sizzling beef sausage-on-a-stick or a spicy, grilled chicken gordita. Sample our fresh whole wheat bread baked in a brick oven or try one of our specialty flavors of ice cream.
And Much More!
You'll also find horse-drawn hayrides, artwork, children's writings, children's books, Homestead Farms specialty foods, solid wood furniture, letterpress printing, an audiovisual presentation, a baked goods sale and more!
See You at the Fair!
At the Working Homestead
* Draft Horse Farming
* Sheepdog Demonstration
In the Craft Pavilion Area
* Making a Windsor Chair
* Working Wood by Hand
* Wheel-Thrown Pottery
In the Music Tent
* Children's Choirs
* Evening Music
On the Fairgrounds
* Horse-Drawn Hayrides
* Apple Cider Pressing
* Candle Dipping
* Barn Raising
* Homestead Gristmill
* Toy Sailboats
At the Food Court
* Shish Kabobs
* Hamburgers & Fries
* Maple Pecan Ice Cream
* Hot Apple Cider
At the Food Kiosks
* Kettle Corn
* Apple Cider Donuts
* Sausage-on-a-Stick
At the Community Hall
* Children's Writings
* Children's Books
Come give us a hand on Friday and Saturday as we raise and assemble a historic barn frame using traditional hand methods.
Allow time to take the historic buildings walking tour, to see buildings including a 1760's New Jersey barn, an 1830's Missouri cabin and an 1860's New York smokehouse.
Be sure to walk over to Homestead Gristmill, our 1760's restored gristmill where we grind whole wheat flour and cornmeal.

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Mrs. H. said...

Wow! This looks so neat. I would love this place! Have fun!!!

Guess what? Jake shot his first buck on Wednesday!!! :-)

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

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