Saturday, September 27, 2008

Adoption Update

Well the packet is finally completed and sent in but I of course still have a few things to do:
  1. order birth certificates
  2. order diplomas
  3. get finger prints
  4. see a notary

I will try to do one thing a day this week so we can have this whole thing wrapped up. Right now we are trying to take the adoption classes so we will be eligible for placement. We are adopting through CPS so we have to take plenty of classes. They do not want the kids to be there so this may make the process even longer as we cannot afford babysitters for 5, 4 hour classes! We are so excited we have already started working on the boys room. So if you are getting rid of any Texas Memorabilia throw it my way to help us decorate and prepare for the arrival the brother.

Having sweet little Micah everyday has really got my baby juices running!


Anonymous said...

I'll Baby sit for you. I am certified!!!!!! Email me!! I don't charge much at all.

Mrs. K's Lemonade Stand said...

How exciting. I hope everything is finalized soon! :)

Kelly Owen said...

A Texas room will be so cute! I used to have lots of TX stuff, but I might have sold it all at a garage sale. I'll have to look in my storage stuff.

Anonymous said...

another way to decorate is to get some old texas licenses plates. and have 1 letter for each plate, with a marker use the back and write the letter, and then cut it out with some metal cutters..

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