Saturday, September 13, 2008

Galveston Beach Vacation

We made quick trip to Galveston to visit our friend Sara Foley's (TAMU Grad & LHBC) cute little yellow house. She is a reporter for the the Galveston Daily News! The girls had a great time. We went on the Galveston DUCK Tour (in Galveston the Duck tour gives you a brief history of the island not all DUCK tours are historical some are just comedy acts.) which I of course had a coupon for (Thanks, Marylou!), ate taffy & ice cream at La Kings, walked the Strand, went to the farmer's market and of course the beach. We ate at our favorite Galveston restaurant, 'Shrimp & Stuff',with the Maass' right before they boarded their cruise. The girls really loved the beach they loved picking up shells, birds, Pier's sea weed, and discovering the sea creatures. But poor Pearson was pinched the crab she kept poking!
I was even able to make clam chowder for dinner one night for everyone in honor of our beach vacation.

We do not go to the beach much because of immodesty of the men & women on the beach but during the middle of the week Galveston is great because there is hardly anyone there! Perhaps the next time we make it to San Diego we will try a mid week beach trip with the girls. The beaches in Cali are so pretty!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Glad ya'll got back before Ike!!!

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