Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Where is the Party II

Well, we are at crunch time we have until the 24th to get the shed up. The shed is currently 4 framed walls.

We have until the 29th to get the power and the water onto the property. We have the water hooked up and a ditch witch rented for the weekend. We have a Temporary electric pole up. We purchased a chain saw (way cheaper than a tractor) and Wayne has cut down one of the 3-4 trees that must be cut down to get the electricity onto the land.

Hopefully, we will close on our construction loan on Friday.

Please pray we find someone to watch Pearson on Friday & Saturday so I can be my husbands helper. Please pray that all of these tasks are completed so we can defray some additional costs from the storage unit and the RV Park.

Parker, had an allergic reaction to either the brush we were clearing or the dog. Today is the first day her features have appeared to be normal (she is still a little swollen but now only Ma can tell). She is so sad that Walnut (our yellow lab puppy) is in isolation at Rachel Curless's house. Wayne's also ill with stomach problems and Pearsy appears to be developing stys under her eye!On the fun front we have one day left of swim lessons and the girls have had a great time and have done a good job. Next week Peyton has Art Camp and hopefully Parker will have Tennis Camp and then we are done totting kids around town.

Really, as I was thinking about their summer schedules it has been a blessing to be in this RV park. Because God has pointed out that the amount of gas it would have taken to tote these kiddos to town everyday for 3 weeks would have been excessive. When we get out to the country we will surely be slowing down and spending way more time at the house! What a blessing!

We are truly blessed as we are working to live out one of our dreams of moving to the country and simplifying our lives.

Y'all come back now ya' hear!

The Crazy Country McVay's


Jennifer Bacak said...

I'm glad to know Parker is doing better. She looked pretty welpy on Sunday night. During our music time, she sang and scratched at the same time. What a sweetie!
I hope that stomach problems, stys, and allergic reactions will go away, and you can enjoy your week!

Lisa Smith said...

What art camp are you guys doing? I'm trying to find one for my kids. I know about the children's museum one in July.

Anyway, good for you guys. chainsawing trees like real country folk. Alyssa wants to know what kind of animals Peyton's getting besides a dog, us city folk have those.

Kathryn, Michael and Alex said...

I sure am glad that you are getting to live your dream.

I much prefer a penthouse view...Green Acres was never my style!!

I do want a picture of you and Wayne holding a pitchfork with all the youngins around you!!!

Jess said...

I agree about the picture of the family with a pitchfork. When can we expect that?

I hope all goes well with the shed and electricity this next week. I'm sure that the Lord will continue to provide down to the smallest detail. I'll be praying for you all!

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