Thursday, May 03, 2007

Biblical Math

This morning when I was reading Genesis about Israel's (Jacob) family I noticed (='s God revealed) by the time he moved from Canaan to Egypt his immediate family had grown to a total of 66 people!!! God promised a multitude and he was on his way! Imagine if we all had lots of kids like Israel maybe not 11 but how about 3,4,5,6,7 kids or more....If we each of those children had 4 children and those 4 children had 4 children then we would have 24 descendants immediately. If these children are raised in the fear and admonition of the Lord we could have 44 new Christians! Even as an English Major that is some math even I can love! The world says 2 kids is enough (people have even come up to me to tell me ' I can tell you how that (pregnancy) happens' and I only have 3 kids!) So lets do the world's math... 2 kids have 2 kids and you have reproduced Christian 6 descendants. Wow, we have such a wonderful opportunity to raise up many little Christian solders for the kingdom of the Lord in our own homes. From our own wombs and from the wombs of other women (like the Bacaks). Wow..I nearly forgot about fostering like the Hendricks, Carpios and Henry's imagine the number of lives they could touch for the kingdom!

The Bible is such a rich the tapestry of truths calling out to us! What a mission field!


Jennifer Bacak said...

I like this Math too, Kyle! My parents are seeing this reality; they have five of us, and now 15 grandchildren. (The oldest is 10, and there will probably be more) It's a madhouse! But it's their legacy.
Rusty and I have felt this same conviction, that we as Christians actually should be having more children, and raising them to know and serve the Lord. I cited an article from Focus on the Family on the Her Hands blog on family size, talking about how the birth rate in America is at an all-time low. They are calling it the "Affluenza." It was all about how middle to upper class Americans, in pursuit of the many material things, have been choosing to not have children.
I can say, having four children, all 6 & under, is not easy. It's not convenient. There's not really any "me time." But it is the calling on this family, and it is so WONDERFUL! We are so very blessed to have children, from our womb, and some not, as you mentioned. God has built our family by His own doing. Praise God! This was long, sorry.

Anonymous said...

"We're ensuring we'll have lots of grandkids" is what I told some people this week as we've announced that we're expecting our 5th child. People act like we're crazy! It's so discouraging. I wish there were more of "us" out there, especially in both sides of our family that claim to be Christians. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding" I quoted to one family member. "Oh, but that's not what that means -- you need common sense!" (meaning we can't afford these kids or something like that). "Would you rely on faith to get you out of a burning building or would you run?" they ask me. Since when is children -- blessings -- comparable to a burning building???

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