Monday, April 30, 2007

I thought

So on Sunday afternoon after the sermon Kim and I were getting my boxes out of the neighbors garage. (Because when you are selling your house it should look like no one lives in it!) And the kids were biking and playing in the cul-de-sac and an 'issue' occurred. So I called Parker to come over and discuss the matter with me. She decided that she was not coming to me and she was going to continue to ride her bike. (Yes, I'm sure she heard me.) Well, that course of action was a mistake. As we quickly got back home and into her room after discipline was applied.... I asked her why did she decide to 'not obey me?' She looked up at me and said....."I thought...."
I had just seen the skit and I could not believe that God was already so clearly talking to me through this child. I totally lost my train of thought and grasped at old reliable Eph 6:1: and informed her you do not need to think the Bible has already told you what you need to do which is to obey your parents unto the Lord.
It's the little things that amaze me...I am still in awe....God is good and our skit team is faithful!


Kathryn, Michael and Alex said...

God has been showing me how important IMMEDIATE and COMPLETE obedience is and how our children will knowingly try to get away with delayed and partial obedience.
God is also showing me how quickly I can do that too. Praise Him for quickly getting me back in line, I pray that for our children.

Hendrick Family said...

Too bad too much of what is seen in the skits is inspired by what has happened because of something sinful in me or the other people living in my home. But that's what I love about the body of Christ. Just when we think we are the only ones messed up, we hear the enemy is using the same strategy everywhere...not just with us...not just in our home.

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