Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Help Wanted * No Pay * Great Hours

I wanted to be really funny like Heather...but my skills & time are lacking. So here is the deal-e-o I need help watching my kids so I can exercise. The Lord and the doctor are indicating I need to lose weight and exercise. Well my doctor didn't really say that he just laughed....

So my plan is to restart First Place eating plan but I MUST exercise. Wayne's current schedule is crazy and erratic I am sure in a few months it will return to the normal predictable schedule my Mr. Steady normally maintains. But for now I can not work out around his schedule.

I can come to your house to drop kids off, feel free to come to mine, Or we can meet at a park. If you can just cover 1 day a month that would be great!

Ideally I'd like to work out on Tuesday or Thursday....
Pearson naps from around 1:30 to about 4:00

But I have to work out at least 2-3 days a week. (I know I can work out Saturday mornings so that covers one day a week).

As the saying goes ...."Help a Sister out!"


Rachel said...

Oh Kyle, I completely forgot about this! I'm sorry. I'd be happy to come over/meet at the park on Tuesdays or Thursdays (some weeks I could probably do both) at 11:30 or 11:45. It will get pretty hot soon, so maybe you would want to work out earlier in the morning? Do you think I'd have a hard time watching Josiah and the girls? He can be a handful at the park... Let me know, I'd love to help. I could even be a running buddy if you want one.

sdfs said...

I live across the street from the park, if you wanted they could come to mi casa and hang out while you ran in the park or we could go to the park. My times dont really match up, I'm free Tuesdays like 10-1130(more like 945, but you never know with the buses!!)

Let me know, I would LOVE to help out!

PS-if you are getting that PERM, you're gonna sweat it out pretty fast! It is HOT! I've already had to pull out the ponytail, lol!

Lisa Smith said...

Ummm, I'd love to help but my schedule is currently like Wayne's. Maybe I'll sell your house though. (It was out of that lady's price range. We just thought since you were home, we'd compare it with the added living area and all. Is it put back together yet?)

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