Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up Week 1: Off to a slow start

Week 1
We started school at the end of Sept. by taking the CAT-Survey test offered by Christian Liberty Press. We take this test every few years to see how we are doing. We are not required to test in the state of Texas.
Parker's testing for carbohydrates in food. (Apologia Anatomy)

During this week we had pretty good progress, although I still didn't and don't feel organized.

This year we studying US States by doing "State Study" which is notebooking through the US. I originally thought we'd be able to make it through rather quickly but now it looks like we'll be working on it for the next year+. The kids however love it and have really enjoyed filling in the Notebooks.

Math: Is rolling along just fine, however, after reviewing my objectives for this year I will have to put more emphasis on facts. More on that later.

Language Arts: All of the kids progressed well in math we did not have any tests this week. In Writing the older two kids wrote a paper comparing evolution and creation. This was a very interesting assignment from their Wisdom Book. We used a lot of facts we learned from Vision Forum's Jonathan Park and the Creation Response Team.  Additionally, Bullet is working on an essay for an essay contest using I.E.W. Lesson 7 to write it. Sweetie is still working on Lesson 5. I have decided to let them work at their own speed in I.E.W. instead of trying to keep them together, which was beginning to be challenging.

The kiddos are doing a conglomeration of grammar/Mechanics Sweetie is using ACE and she is learning the material very nicely. While Bullet & Sugar Pie are using Climbing to Good English, a program I really like. Bullet is also doing I.E.W.'s Fix-it which also teaches grammar through editing. Fix-it takes her less then 5 minutes to complete and is a nice compliment to CTGE.

Watch the presidential debate, apparently someone must of told a whooper !
We really have not yet started spelling and I am trying to get the hang of the McGuffey readers.

Extra Curricular (music, co-ops, art) So our final thing to report on are our extra curricular which are all going well. The kids are enjoying the video production from 'How Great Thou Art'. They LOVE the PEP Co-op that we are participating in which involves, PE, Field Trips & Presentations. In Piano the girls are working on their songs for Hymnfest which is a graded competition. They will be playing "Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus", "Joy, Joy,Joy", "Jesus Paid it All", "I Must Tell Jesus", "All hail the power of Jesus' Name" and "Come Thou Almighty King" each kiddo is playing 2 of these songs.The middle two girls are really enjoying playing softball in the city league.

So although I do not feel very organized we've had a good "official" start to the school year.

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Mary said...

I have heard great things about the Jonathon Park series. It's still on my wish list.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Not to freak you out further, but my son has 8 snakes, so even though you only have one boy, you could end up with multiple reptiles! Haha!

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