Monday, October 29, 2012

Completing Wisdom Book 2 and moving on ...

So here is how we tackled this Booklet and I'd love to hear what you think of the booklet and how you went about completing it...
As far as completing the Scripture Meditation, Character Quality, Theme Song you can click on them to see the adjusted forms I found for my smaller children around the web. 

Insights Through Investigations

We didn't do any projects because we do Hey Andrew Teach me Some Greek. I felt that was enough for our study of Konie Greek. The kiddos on their own sang and played the Greek song on the piano.
Since we have Netflix we watched St. John in Exile. It was a bad night for me I was super tired with the twins and we had a new foster kiddo and I ...well, I fell asleep. My children however watched every minute of it and my 9 year old wrote a two page long paper on John and then rattled off a bunch of facts she learned. St John in Exile is a One Man Production it is very well done and the actor was excellent. I think we'll rent it again when I am more well rested. My kids really enjoyed it and like I said they remembered a great deal and were able to tell me about it in great detail with much feeling!

Power Through Precision:
We simply discussed  the question about the concept of wholeheartedness. Of course we discussed the reading as we went along also.

We will add John Wesley & Susannah Wesley to our timeline.


I got books from the library and used our World Book CD for the kiddos to complete their country reports. I had to search for each of the 16 countries that make up the Middle East individually.
So the kids chose a country in the middle east. Then they completed their notebooking page learning about this country. They also found it on a map and labeled it and the countries around it, as well as any bodies of water. After they complete their notebooking pages they will have an oral presentation at our co-op. Additionally, we will probably try to cook or buy Middle Eastern food. It's really just an excuse to go to our favorite Middle Eastern food place for some yummy lamb!


We decided to make a list of the names of God. I like to notebook so I found a notebooking "A to Z about" from the notebook Fairy. My kiddos for the most part are little except for Sweetie with mild autism so she doesn't mind worksheets like this one.

We are also going to do the Report discussing the differences between  creationism and  evolution.

We will identify places we depend on having just weight and balance. Then we will discuss why truthfulness is important.
We will use History Through The Ages Historical Timeline figure collection to add Charlemagne  Alfred the Great, Justinian, Magna Carta, Sir William Blackstone & James Madison to our timeline.
We will use Uncle Josh's Outline Map Collection to locate the locations of the aforementioned historical figures in Europe.
From the Projects we plan to learn the Pledge of Allegiance and our National Anthem. I have handouts I used in American Heritage Girls that we will use for this assignment.

Medical Resource
We are going to do the experiment where you blow up a ballon and hold the mouth tightly see if you can feel your vocal cords vibrating. We will also complete further study on the respiratory system.

After reviewing the Wisdom Books this summer I decided to purchase Uncle Josh's Outline Map Collection and History Through the Ages Historical Timeline Collection. Because I could use repeatedly to help me present the material. These CD's can be found used on and other homeschool used curriculum sites or purchased new. I also did not want to waste hours searching the internet for this and that. So now onto book 3....

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