Sunday, September 30, 2012

Geogrpahy United States...frugal & fun homeschooling

I love frugal and reusable Homeschool curriculum. Accordingly, we are going to use one to study the states and capitals and we will be notebooking our way through the country. *smile*
Working on their notebooking pages


We are using these notebook pages for our State Study from elemental Blogging found here. Here is an example of the free notebooking pages that she is offering:

Photo from
Instead of printing out pictures I am having the kids draw the birds, state flower etc... I did find some cheap state stamps which we will use for some of the states and my 7 year old may use with quite a few of the states. But I think their own little rendition of the important parts of the state will be wonderful.

I will also be using Uncle Josh's Outline Maps on CD (purchased for  1/2 price off of  to supplement the study for some individual sates and all the pricipalities.


We will be using the following books a lot:

We are also going to be using these books as we can lay our hands on them from the library a complete list can be found here

Bullet using a World Book Encyclopedia CD to look up facts on Delaware.
Thank the Lord we have lots of audio learners and they all love music. So we will listen to the following CDs in the car:
I've tried to incorporate them into the regular school day with little success but since we live 30 minutes away from town. We constantly listen to CD's in the van. We've had this CD for years and used it sporadically, but recently it's been collecting dust. I bought it off of eBay for about 1/3 the price several years ago.

The kiddos will also present what they learn about the states at our PE Co-op during our presentation time.

Blogs to Check for more ideas:
I also found great ideas from Forever, For Always, No Matter What! and from Shower of Roses.
Things that I have picked up over they years that we are now finally using!
During our morning gathering the kiddos will work on the state or states for that week. We will complete the Notebooking page using Our 50 States and the Discover America Alphabet books. They will also have time at the end of the day to work a little bit on this project each day. After we've done a couple of states I think the kiddos will be able to work on the state pages independently.

If you have any ideas for us please let us know,if you find this useful please let me know that too!
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Anonymous said...

Love this idea! It is just what I was searching for! Thank you for sharing it.
The Kovars

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