Friday, August 31, 2012

A New School Year: Part 2 Guided Studies & Extra Curriculars

This is the second part of the New School Year Post. In the first  part we discussed our methodology and our independent studies in this part I will discuss our 1 Teacher Directed course Writing and our Guided Studies.

Teacher Directed:

Writing: We are continuing with IEW  (with both the TWWS & SWI) and I plan to use for all of our Elementary level writers. Right now I think we will transistion into a different writing for Middle School & High School Writing. IEW has  a teaching DVD for the students. However, I still need to guide them through their first lesson in each Unit. Then they are able to write on their own for the next couple of lessons (about 2 weeks), until we get to the next unit.

Guided Studies:
During guided studies there is either a live or recorded teacher. I am still able to maintain my role as tutor while the children receive expert instruction.
Online Classes:

Science: This fall the middle two kiddos will participate in an online class covering Apologia Anatomy they will use the Anatomy Notebook Journal & the Jr Journal for Sugar  Pie. The kiddos will be taking online class from Currclick. Their class is an 11/2 once a week. They will have homework and participate in the class with a headset. This is a new thing for our homeschool we have never had a computer that was good enough to even try an online class. In order to maintain my role as tutor I purchased the Audio MP3 of the book Exploring Creation through Human Anatomy from Apologia. So Sugar Pie will be able to listen to the assigned reading on MP3. We will probably listen to the M P3 quite a bit in the car as we travel. The girls are very excited about their science class and have already begun to mummify an apple.
Fine Arts:
Art: Last year we took art lessons because we had an additional income stream that is set to terminate anytime now. Additionally, I am trying to lower the overall cash outgo of our homeschool.  Since I wanted to continue Art education but cannot afford the expense and I  am bearly able to draw stick figures we are switching to DVDs. We will be using Feed My Sheeep this is a DVD course with a workbook for each student. This is a multi year course and I believe we will be able to use it for at least 3 years.

Music: We believe it is important to be able to make a joyful noise for the Lord accordingly our children will participate in the PGM Choir.The PGM Choir is a free award winning homeschool choir in our area. The three oldest will both do bell choir and singing. We will also joyfully continue Piano lessons with Ms. Bethany. In Piano we are planning on participating in a couple of competitions as well as taking the theory tests.

Co-op This year we will participate in a PE Co-op that meets on Fridays right before PGM Choir practice. Once a month this co-op goes on a field trip. We are really excited about this opportunity to take field trips, exercise & fellowship with other homeschoolers on a regular basis.

This may seem like a pretty full schedule and it is but keep in mind we do not do every subject everyday. I hope your homeschool is both fun and challenging (for the kiddos not Mama)  this year!


Claire said...

We're doing Anatomy this year and can't wait! We've got twins as well, albeit a little older than your gorgeous duo! (our are 9, but I remember, like it was yesterday, when they were that age- sigh, it goes so quickly)

Stefanie said...

We did the anatomy last year and it was our favorite science study ever. We just loved it. We're using IEW for the first time this year. So far, so good.

Karen said...

We did Apologia Anatomy last year and really loved it. The notebooks are great. Enjoy!

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