Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up-Birthdays,Blanket Training, planning

This was the week that was suppose to be the week before school started! But as I noted last week I order curriculum late and I am still inputting lesson plans into Homeschool Tracker.  But I've gotten a lot accomplished this week we did the following: bought school supplies, I determined which Konos Units we will do this year, planned field trips, cleared out the homeschool bookshelves & I started my must copy list/pile. We had Pearson's Birthday Feast on August 18th & the Ross family came from dinner on the 17th.

Also on the 18th we did get a little school done this week because we started piano lessons! Hooray!!!

We are still working on Blanket Training. Someone asked if we got blanket training from Godly Tomatoes. You know I am not sure where I got it at but we have read Godly Tomatoes & Maxwell's books. So far it is going well. The children stay on the blanket but this week they stayed on the blanket crying. Last week they just stayed on the blanket.  We are, however,  going to persevere in this training as I believe it will really help me while I am  homeschooling the older children.

I must say that I am getting a little antsy to start school and get back to a more defined schedule. :) Plus, I really enjoy teaching our children each day!

To see what other Mama's are doing in their homeschool around the country you can link up to Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers Weekly Wrap by clicking here!


Nicole said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your GREAT idea about having a "run through" of sorts the Friday before. Our big problem was that we had my daughter's birthday party the weekend before, which threw us off and wiped us out. But I will certainly implement that plan next year!

Love the blanket training! I am sure it will be awesome for your family.

Have a great week.

Unknown said...

I'm so glad you found our blog and left a comment! You have a gorgeous, gorgeous family :) It's always fun to "accidentally" find another adoptive family. I'm following along now. Your meals plans are making me hungry :) I have some fresh green beans in the fridge, I'm going to try the crock pot green been recipe.

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