Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our Staycation

Peyton on Stage during a Zoo Show
We recently went on a Staycation ...that is where your hubby takes a week off of work and you go and see things that are around you. You do not stay overnight  but you just enjoy your area of the country.

Day 1: Family swimming at the Briegers! Whohoo we have had so much fun swimming over there this year. Wayne has been able to rejoin the family in the pool without having to worry about immodesty of many women. During family swim we always play basketball which means all the girls against Wayne and we hang on him and pull him and hold his arms and always wins (even though I usually claim victory) and we always laugh until our tummies hurt! Then for the next several days Wayne informs us of all the sore body parts he has!
Sugar Pie in the petting zoo

Day 2: We are nerds and we like museums so the first thing we did was find out when Houston's Museums were free to attend. Only the Natural Science Museum fit into our schedule so that was our first stop on our staycation.Okay this museum was great! We are young Earth Creationists and we have been trying to teach our children to watch and listen to science critically. To make sure what is being said lines up with the truth of the Bible. So during a presentation at one of the science shows Parker yells back to Wayne: "Daddy that's a lie they said millions of years ago." ! If your family does not believe in/discuss dinosaurs then this is not the museum for ya'll. I do not think there is even anyway to avoid them in this museum. That said let me tell you this is a great museum and if you have not been it is worth the drive and the time. We were able to see some of the things we had learned about last year. The kids were especially interested in the Eskimo items and the giant "IDOL" as they called it.
Dad debunking evolution

Day 3:  We went to the Chemistry Road Show at the Library and watched the man make  a variety of items explode. The the car broke down in the Wal-Mart parking lot but super hubby did not miss a beat as he fixed the battery and we were off again on some more adventures. 

Natural Science Museum "Mama an idol!"
Day 4: The Houston Zoo We have a zoo pass to the Cameron zoo so our family was able to  go to the Houston Zoo for free. We did however find out that the Houston Zoo only allows 2 adults and 3 kids and after that you have to pay $7 per kiddo. Parking at the Zoo is free.

Day 5: Finally on the last day back to the Briegers for more family swimming!

I would encourage your family to enjoy some simple vacation time as you explore your local area making lasting memories and growing together.

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Lisa Smith said...

Fun idea, especially for a "down" economy, my thrifty friend.

Love being reminded to pray for you each day!!!!!

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