Saturday, June 12, 2010

Birthday Feasts...two thumbs up... waaaaay up!

We are constantly looking at things that we are doing and trying to make sure that all we do glorifies God. When our kiddos turn 10 we no longer have "birthday parties". We had just been having cake and ice cream and eating their favorite foods. But this year we decided to change it to a birthday feast. We asked Peyton to invite one friend to the feast and she invited Rebekah Blanco (and her family) to attend. So we set our table and a card table and began to prepare for our first feast.

  • So Wayne read Proverbs 31 to directly to Peyton and Titus 2:3-5 to all of the ladies in attendance.  Thus we were reminded of our duties and goals we should have for our lives.

  • Peyton then received flowers from her Father.

  • We had a powerpoint presentation of pictures of Peyton throughout her 11th year. She really enjoyed watching herself and seeing all the things that they did last year. Next, year I would like to add some of the verses we pray over her throughout the year to the presentation.

  • Then we ate dinner.

  • Then everyone in attendance prayed blessings over Peyton and her upcoming year.  and we ate cake, ice cream and cream puffs!

I do want to point out that this was a low stress event. Peyton picked her favorite food which was pizza so I bought about 3 or 4 boxed pizzas & pizza rolls for the feast. I ended up picking up a cake with cupcakes  & cream puffs at Sam's club. We used the flowers we gave Peyton as the centerpiece in the table.  Truly, this is not about my table decorating, cooking  or cake decorating ability but about the child. I would encourage you to think of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to manage your feast.

This was such a wonderful time of fellowship and blessing for our family. I am looking forward to honoring the next birthday person in a way that brings glory to God. A birthday that celebrates God's soverignty in our lives and is thankful for another year. BTW the little girls are now really excited about when they will have their first feast! 

1 comment:

Rachel said...

What a wonderful, worshipful, and God-glorifying way to celebrate birthdays! The pictures are great--you can tell she is certainly enjoying the celebration!

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