Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Titus 2 Event : Grocery Shopping & Intro to Homeschooling

This is just a post to announce some Titus 2:3-5 action at Rooster Hill. After sewing with a sweet newly married I thought maybe some of the folks may enjoy basic sewing, bread making and Grocery shopping. So I will start with my passion Grocery Shopping...
Grocery shopping & Meal planning ....August 20th from 1-3
class size: 5 Mamas
  • Intro to Homeschooling ......August 22nd
Don't get to excited this is not some high tech light show this just one Mama sitting down with up to 5 other Mamas over some tea with a bunch of kids running around. We'll talk about how I shop, make a meal plan, determine price per ounce use store adds, stockpile and use coupons. After which, you may meet me at the store on a Saturday and shadow me to watch how it's done. We spend $400 month for a family of 5 plus loads of visitors we have lots of snacks and healthy food. Hopefully, Kim Maass will be able to join us as she is the most frugal woman on the planet. Now if you've masterd the basics perhaps you'd like to try Heather's Couponing Class on August 15th.
Some other classes I thought of offering with some of my friends are basic sewing (napkins), sewing II (apron), basic cooking, cleaning , /homeschooling and your life, basic cooking , questions & answers on Thrift.

So if you want to come and fine tune your grocery shopping please post in the comments and I'll get the information to you. If you have a blog I'd love it if you advertised these classes on your blog.


Jelinda Pepper said...

Hi Kyle,
What a wonderful idea! Your post comes at a time when I have personally wondered how to begin again --working on making a home, living on less, and finding an overall balance in my life. If you still have room on the 20th, I'd love to join you. I remember all your helpful hints at the STW meetings!

texasmcvays said...

Jelinda your space is reserved!

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