Thursday, June 18, 2009

Micah James

This year we took care of sweet Micah James aka "Sweet boy, MJ & Mikey J "and my girls and I now miss him. That is why this post is a little late....

We miss strangers in the store who look at the girls and then at Micah and say witty things like:

"Oh, he must take after his father." (He'd have too!) or "He's very fair skinned" (I hope so!)
my favorite thing is complete confusion when they just look at him & me as they desperately search for similarities. After all he does have my brown eyes!

Now who will I grease up with sun block before putting into the pool. In fact , I put so much sunblock on the boy that I had a very difficult time getting him into his floatie. Then once I got him in he proceeded to stick his head under the water again and again. Giving me a heart attack each time.

I have learned how to give a baby the Hymlick maneuver (from Wayne who learned it from Micah's Dad!),as he put everything in his mouth and then choked on it! All of my children are now able to sweep a baby's mouth for foreign objects. I really could have done with out that particular bit of knowledge.

One of my favorite memories is when Parker asked if we could adopt Micah. I said no Micah is not up for adoption he has good and loving parents. She frowned up her face and sat there for a minute and then said in her serious 5 year old voice. "Fine! Then I'm going to marry him." To which I said "Fine, his parents will probably agree to that. However, you will need to wait a few years for your groom."

We will really and truly miss is his big ever constant smile and giggling. His super mellow & happy disposition. I loved how he'd gently play the piano every morning laughing in between measures. The girls ask about him all the time and want to get him stuff for when he comes back. I know when he grows up he is just going to be absolutely in love with light brown curly headed girls and not know why but just feel like she'll take such good care of him!

Micah we miss you and we love you! You just let us know if your MaMa & DaDa aren't spoiling you rotten! Also could you please start walking! You are almost two for goodness sake!

'Micah James, Micah James who could blame all the McVays for loving Micah James!'

1 comment:

dkshort said...

Wow!!! We just got back from vacation.
We'll schedule a get together soon.
We appreciate y'all taking such good care of
little Micah James.
And if you think he was putting things in
his mouth, that he's crawling,
standing, and taking one step...he is into

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