Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Inks Lake

This was a very busy month and I really have not had a lot of time to blog this month and the next several posts will reveal why!

We went camping at Inks Lake from May 4th - May 6th and we had a great time. The lake is beautiful and we really enjoyed the wild life. We saw deer comfortably bedded down in long grass, many lizards, turtles, water moccisan, Candian Geese & Mallards.

We took several long hikes around the park. The kids really enjoyed swimming in the water. Until we noticed a water moccasin (that put a damper on the water play by the camp site!). Our sweet neighbors took the girls on a canoe trip around the lake. I think that may have been the highlight for Peyton.

This particular park has a place called the devils waterhole and folks go out there and jump off or a rock into the water. This is one time I was glad the Maass' were not with us because it would have been on like donkey king between Wayne and Brian to see who can jump off that rock from the highest point! Instead, we got to watch Peyton jump off of a tree about 4 feet above the water!

One of the best things about camping at the state parks is going on the interpretive trail. They are labeled and you learn all about the the God's creativity in that particular area of Texas and you learn some history too. On this trip we learned the early settlers used the yucca plant to make soap. We learned that lichen is really strong and can turn rocks into dirt. Most importantly we got to use some kind of funky solar green toilet.

During one of our hikes the kids learned about obeying their parents immediately. As one of them did not do so and fell into prickly pears. It took Wayne about 20 minutes and the tweezers from the first aid kit to get all of those little thorns out of that little hand. This provided a great opportunity to discuss a couple of verses in depth later that night.

This park is great fun and we wish we would have stayed there for a few more days. We will the next time!


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