Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ringling Brother's Barnum & Bailey

Ladies & Gentleman.....

In April we went to Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus with ...
about 40-50 folks from our church all sat together organized by the Heather. We do not usually go to Heather's events because we either find out too late to participate or they are boy orientated she has 4 boys! Accordingly, we were the only all girl family in attendance at the circus event and we had a blast! These folks are all from our 3 church family (My church recently expanded and created two more churches to the Glory of God).

We also got to hang with our Julie & middle P sat with her for a while and was amazed by the Circus acrobats. Middle P also cried during one of the acrobatic acts because she was worried about the safety of the performer.
The one negative of the circus is the attire of some of the women is lacking. On top of that they are on the trapeze not fully clothed twisting and turning. If I had boys I do not think I would go to this circus and we will discuss future trips to the circus. Positives were the kids were amazed and now anytime they read or talk about a circus they will know what it is. This is especially important for Peyton as her Autism limits imaginative thought. They have seen some of the amazing things that God has allowed the human body to do.
The financial impact....
Our library has a program that kids get free tickets if they read or read 5 books. So we were some reading fools prior to the circus. We purchased 2 adult tickets for $15 each. We bought some snacks and one clown hat to share and we spent $20 for drinks & popcorn, ($10 for the hat attached to 3 color cotton candy which we also had them split)! We spent a total of $50 for the evening and the kids are still talking about it! We also learned some more ways to save on circus tickets on the way out we learned that they have buy 1 get 1 free tickets at HEB & Banks for the circus. So if we go next year we are looking at $15 for tickets & $10 for snacks. A total circus expense of $25!
Clowning Around!

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