Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Frugal Eating #2: Meaty Matters

Turkey...right now if you live in BCS area walk do not run to Albertson's and pick up a frozen turkey. They are .29#. You can substitute turkey meat in all of your casseroles. The cheapest chicken you can get is at Wal-Mart at .49#, that is a 59% savings!Pick all the meat off of the bird after having a nice turkey dinner. Bag it up in individual bags so you can just grab some when you are cooking and need cooked chicken or turkey. Last year I cooked an extra Turkey (a friend had a turkey she was going to throw away) after Thanksgiving and did not run out of cooked meat in March! Additionally, after I cooked the turkey I used the bones to make ultra healthy and tasty broth. If you do not live in the BCS area or you do and you are unable to get an Albertson's turkey. Remember that at Thanksgiving & Christmas Turkeys can be found for as low as .10# we will be buying at least 3-4 of these birds!

Eating Tasty food cheap at Rooster Hill!

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