Monday, June 23, 2008

Menu Madness at Rooster Hill

June 6/24-6/29
Monday- Chicken Brunswick Stew
Tuesday - Beans, Rice & cornbread
Wednesday - Oven fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn
Thursday - Split pea soup
Friday - BBQ Chicken Pizza (L/o chicken from Monday & Wednesday, homemade pizza crust)
Saturday- Tacos, homemade low-fat refried beans (from Tuesday)
Sunday - Left overs

We usually have Beans, rice & cornbread at least once a week!

This weeks tips:

  • Cook 2-3X as much mashed potatoes as your family will eat and freeze the rest in meal size portions!
  • Make 2-3X as much pizza crust as you will need and freeze the leftover crust for your next pizza.

Happy Cooking!



pbmciver said...

haha...That is a good deal for flip flops. Not sure if they will fit your girls, but Old Navy also sells them for 2/$5.00 this time of the year. I went to get some in the fall (yeah, I wear them year round - who doesn't, lol) but they didn't sell them. Can you believe that!?! Not selling flip flops year round in Texas! How crazy is that!

pbmciver said...

Oops Kyle - that post was supposed to be for Hobby Lobby, hehe.

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