Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Big Day for the McVays

It's one thing to say you live on a farm, to want to live on a farm, to move out on some land but it's a whole 'nother thing to start getting the animals. Today we made our first purchase of farm animals. 8 Rhode Island Red Chickens a dual purpose meat/egg bird. Since we hope to get eggs and meat from our birds these are the kind we choose. We'll have farm fresh eggs in about 15-16 weeks. We still need to get a rooster. We hope to sell eggs, broilers & live chicks/birds.
The second big thing for us today is we got a new (to us) van! In case you do not know the story behind our current van...It has $2700 worth of repairs that need to be made! The Van itself is worth a whooping $3300. We are putting 4-5 qts of oil in the thing to keep it running. It always smells like burning oil and when we get out of the car on a rainy day the kids are always so excited to see the (oil) rainbow on the ground! Every time I stopped at a light or stop sign I'd wonder if we were going to be able to go. We have been driving our white van for at least the last 6 weeks just waiting for it to die or for its oil consumption to get ridiculous. Or perhaps for it to catch fire in an intersection, if your vehicle catches fire that is always a sign that it's time to get a new one! Well the Lord was good to us because there was a Toyota Sienna at Palmer Kia cheap we took it to our mechanic and they gave it the thumbs up! This was such a good deal that the dealership had other people putting money down on the van in case we backed out. We'll we finally got all of the paperwork completed between insurance, Credit Union & Kia (mostly via Internet & phone) and drove off the lot after 15 minutes (literally!). Now we think we have a vehicle that is in good enough shape to make a trip to California to see Wayne's folks. We'll see my folks too but my folks come and visit us about 2X a year here in Texas!

Our final bit of news is that we have a name for the place.....Rooster Hill! I love stuff with chickens, we have crazy chicken lamps, and lots of chicken stuff around the house and the house is up on a hill (a small Texas Hill) !

So Happy Homemaking from Rooster Hill!


Kathryn, Michael and Alex said...

Praise the Lord!! He is so faithful to provide. I am glad that y'all are enjoying life on Rooster Hill.

Carolyn said...

I found you while surfin' around the Blogs. Just wanted to say Hi!


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